Monday, September 21, 2015

Just in time for Halloween!

Halloween’s a-coming!

This time of year is my favorite – and not only because of Halloween. That’s like icing on the cake. Autumn is the fading season. The time when shadows grow longer. The boards in the house creak.

The wind sighs a mournful tune.

And monsters come out to play.

We like to be scared. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we think we can control our own environment. Stay safe in our cozy little bubbles. Be terrified by stories but feel secure knowing it can’t happen to us. Not really.

Never mind the strange noise you just heard. It’s only your imagination, after all.

Or maybe not.

In honor of the season, I’m proud to present Demon in the Basement. It’s on sale right now for only .99.

Thirty-two stories. Some long, some short. Some filled with irony, others with dark humor. More that will send you to hide under the covers, wondering if something’s coming for you next. I hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoyed writing them.

Oh, and one more thing before I forget… check the locks on your doors. You’ve been warned.


Thirty-two stories, including a novelette by the same title, to keep you awake at night.

A time-traveling Chevy, an ancient church of evil, a house possessed by black magic. Stories to fill you with dread, draw you into places you'd rather not go, smack you in the face with ironic possibilities.

Meet the monsters of myth, the creatures that lurk under your bed, the phantoms you thought didn't exist. Travel to the real Atlantis, strap in for the Bermuda Triangle. Terror lurks in the ocean, while an asteroid hides a secret.

Leave a nightlight on before you go to sleep. Something's coming for you.

Where to buy:

Monday, August 31, 2015

Polish Those Femur Bones...

...and get ready for the drum roll! 

Death and Chronos (and me!) are pleased to announce the launch of their new novella, Just Another Day in Purgatory.

What’s the book about, beyond the wacky fun and crazy misadventures of our fearless duo? It’s about friendship in the midst of insanity. Trying to find order in the middle of chaos. Living life on the edge and having fun while doing so. It’s about having someone’s back, no matter what.

I’d like to think it has heart. I hope you think so too. Best of all? It's only .99!


Hell freezes over. Heaven heats up. A resort springs to life on the banks of the River Styx and souls don’t want to move on.

Nothing scares our intrepid immortals—except a run-in with a scissor-wielding Fate after messing up the Great Tapestry. She’s the only one capable of cutting their Life Threads.

It’s just another day in Purgatory for Death and Chronos as they sort through the mayhem and keep the universe from spinning out of control. Be sure to bring along your helmet. You never know when Death might offer you a ride on his Harley.

Amazon / Apple / Barnes & Noble / Other Links

And if you haven't read the first one, Living the Afterlife - a collection of flash fiction, it's free!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Two More Realms Faire Games!

Today I'm featuring two more games for the Realms Faire!

House Bookworm - Riddle Me This by Cherie Reich

I am a book so popular they made a movie of me. Within the what if realms I lie. Horror? Fantasy? Or am I Sci-Fi? A riddle every day during the Realms Faire for you to take your best guess and have a chance to win a prize most splendid.

For your guessing pleasure, visit Cherie Reich's blog ( every day November 9-13 to make a guess and be entered for a daily prize.


The Hero’s Dilemma by Tyrean Martinson


Heroes beware! Here at the House of Hero's Dilemma, a new cliff-hanging adventure will dangle new heroes above the depths of destiny or despair. In 100 words or less, a hero will face a danger in story form.

Each day, the people of Realmsdom will decide the fate of these heroes in three sentences or less. If fateful endings are giving answer in poetic form, an extra entry for prizes will be awarded.

Daily e-book prizes will be awarded via random name-pulling from the entries. Everyone is invited to participate.

People of Realmsdom, you have the power of storytelling might to decide the fate of the would-be heroes. Will they die in glory or shame, live in victory or defeat? It is up to you.

And, after you have decided the fate of the Hero's Dilemma, try your hand at the other Realms Faire Events for more fun and prizes!


Want to know more about the games or donate a prize?
Go here:

Monday, August 17, 2015

More Realms Faire Games!

Christine Rain's game for the Realms Faire:

Drench a Wench, Soak a Bloke

Here at House Geek, I am happy to be hosting a marvelous event called Drench-a-wench or Soak-a-bloke, depending on whether our dunkee is a lovely lady or handsome lord.
The rules of this event are simple.
1. Dunkees are chosen by the Untethered Realms council. None of the dunkees know they have been picked. The fun is in the surprise, after all!
2. I will announce a new dunkee each day of the Faire and include a link to their blog.
3. Participants will go to the dunkee's blog and soak them with blog love in the comments of their most recent post. Anyone can participate.
4. Everyone who participates is included in the daily giveaway. Oh yes, my fine friends! There will be a new giveaway every day.
5. Visit the other esteemed hosts of Realms Faire and have fun with their games. Enter to win even more prizes.

Mary  Waibel's game:

Stockade Brigade

House Waibel is hosting the Stockade Brigade. Warrants of arrest have been issued for select authors accusing them of witchery and wizardry. The pillory has been erected and the trial dates set.
Good people of Realmsdom, I call upon you to bear witness to these trials and offer your testimony for or against the author's crimes.
Points will be awarded for wordsmithing a comment in your best Olde English afore 8 of the clock in the Eastern time on the following scale:
5-Ye speak as one from the days of Queen Bess.4-Ye could pass muster as a Ren Faire cast member3-Ye could pass as a Ren Faire attendee2-Ye wouldn't be foolin' yer mother1-Ye stand out like the sun in a cloudless sky
An e-book will be given every day to the witness who scores the most points. Fear not, your daily score will be accumulated and the person with the highest score shall receive a special prize at the end of the week. So, brush off your Olde English and prepare to testify.

Want to know more about the games or donate a prize?
Go here:

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Realms Faire Joust is Coming!

Today I want to introduce one of the games in the upcoming Realms Faire. It's a joust with knights, sponsored by M. Pax, and filled with awesome benefits. Huzzah!

Anxious and insecure about marketing?

I want to help you get your name and books out in front of an audience. It's free, easy, and fun.

Get the following:

  1. You featured, including a nod to your books with links, on my blog prior to the 4th annual joust (November 9-13).
  2. You get a cool badge like the one I made for myself below.
  3. You will be featured for a whole week on this blog during the week of Nov. 9th.
  4. During the week of Nov. 9th a brief story/excerpt and you will be highlighted on one day.
  5. You'll be listed with a link to your site on the Realms Faire page on this website for one year.

If you win, you'll get the added benefits of:

  1. A free ad in the slider at the top of my blog for one year. You can see the 2014 champion featured currently.
  2. A championship badge and bragging rights.
  3. A custom printed Tumbler advertising you and your win (SEE Tumbler)

So what does becoming a knight and jousting entail? It's quite simple:

  1. Spots are limited reserve your slot today! Click HERE and check off 'joining 4th annual joust as a knight. Huzzah!' or email me /
  2. When you get an email from me, send me the name you'll joust under and 3-5 book covers. I'll send you the nifty badge and 3 magic words. The magic words are how you'll score points during the joust.
  3. Send me 2 excerpts, or 2 stories of your knightly feats, or one excerpt and one story of your feats.
  4. Send your friends and followers to this blog Nov. 9-13th and tell them to leave comments using your magic words. You're allowed to post exactly what they copy and paste. You're allowed to bribe. Prizes will be awarded to commenters daily on this site.
  5. Have a load of fun while getting in some marketing. You'll be having such a blast, you won't notice you're working.
mpaxbadge example

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The annual Realms Faire is approaching. It runs November 9th – 13th 2015. I’m looking for vict—I mean, volunteers to stand against the immortals in a contest. The game is called:

Just Another Day in Purgatory

Beware the Vortex

Here’s the scenario:

Evil is afoot. Chronos has accidentally created a vortex while cleaning his hourglass, plunging a few unfortunate souls into Lucien’s Bar, gateway to the Underworld. Now they are trapped. Lucien wants to keep them but will give each hapless victim one chance to earn their freedom. His condition? Enter a contest of skills with an immortal opponent of his/her choosing.

Do you think you can survive a swordfight with War? How about wend your way through a carnivorous garden to get to Gaia’s treehouse? Or weave a portion of the Great Tapestry of Life while avoiding Atropos’ giant pair of life-ending scissors? Perhaps you’re brave enough to challenge Death to a peanut-eating contest? Or whip up a batch of punch with Jezebel, the Master Poisoner? Do you have what it takes to win your way out of Lucien’s grasp?

Your mission: on the day you appear in the contest you will post on your own blog, or gather together your Facebook and/or Twitter friends and provide a link to this blog, pleading (begging works too) with your loyal supporters to come to your aid over here and cheer you on to victory. Their comments will decide your fate. Plead well, for you will need their strength to endure. Others might seek to cast their votes with the immortals.

Rewards? Yes! Besides winning your freedom (hopefully), each volunteer (that would be you) who is locked in the struggle will receive an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. In addition, a few lucky commenters will be picked at random to receive a gift card at the end of the Faire.

Interested? Leave a comment below or email me

There are a number of blogs participating in the Realms Faire and many prizes to be had, including a Grand Prize at the end of the Faire. If you’d like to run a game yourself and/or contribute a prize (ebook, gift card, artwork, swag, anything you can come up with), go here to sign up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for...Jezebel?

Jezebel is taking over the Untethered Realms blog today for the letter R! Stop by and see what mischief she stirs up for the group. Oh, and the punch bowls are filled with her specialty. Be sure to bring your own cup!