Friday, November 13, 2015

Realms Faire - Stuart vs Death

Beware the Vortex schedule
Thurs, Nov 12th - Cas vs War
Fri, Nov 13th - Stuart vs Death

Chronos has accidentally opened a vortex in the space-time continuum. A few people are trapped in Lucien's Bar, the gateway to the Underworld. The only way out is by challenging an Immortal to a contest. Today's test of skill:

Stuart R West vs Death
Peanut-eating contest

Okay, it's halftime, people. Stuart has been hanging in there, crunching and chewing as if his life depends on it. He looks really thirsty, too. He needs your encouragement in the comments to win his freedom. Can you help him out?
Uh-oh. I think Death might be thinking of cheating. He's off to the side, mixing peanut butter into Stuart's bowl of munchies so he can't swallow as fast. Don't let Stuart down!

As a reward, one person each day will be picked at random from the comments to receive the following eBooks:

By River Fairchild:
Living the Afterlife - satire
Just Another Day in Purgatory - satire
Guardians of Telesma - NA shifter romantic fantasy
By Cerise Laudine:
Immortal Desires - highlander time travel romance

Winners will be posted here on Saturday, Nov 14th, so be sure to check back.
Remember to visit the other games in the Realms Faire, too! Lots of fun and prizes to be had!


  1. Chew those sticky bones Stuart. Chew Death's sticky bones, starting with his mandible - that should slow him down...

  2. Sending you a coke or two to help with crunching, chewing, and munching down all those peanuts, peanut butter and did someone say sticky bones. Gosh, make that a case of coke, you're going to need it!

    1. That gift of coke is for Stuart not Death, if Death touches the coke, an icy sensation and brittle bones he'll suffer!

  3. You can do this, Stuart! Fight fire with fire... or rather, peanut butter with peanut butter. It will stick even more so in Death's skull!

  4. Chew, Stuart, chew! You may be in a sticky situation, but at least you're not allergic to peanuts. And, um, something about bones.

  5. Alas, my fair maidens and stout warriors, I'm chewing as fast as I can. But as opposed to sticky bones, I'd much prefer a sticky bun. Dang you, Death, I say, dang you!

  6. Here's some jam and cider to help get it down! Go, Stuart!

  7. Chew faster! Don't let that ol' bag of bones beat you over a bowl of sticky peanut buttered peanuts.

  8. You can do it, Stuart! Your chewing powers shall reign supreme against ol' boney.


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